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Curriculum Vitae





 2007-2014        Ph.D Geography                CNRS/University of Poitiers (MIGRINTER) with Pr. Patrick Gonin

                                          «  Parcours, projets et temporalités dans la mobilité : 

    Récits de vie des migrants ouest-africains vers Nouadhibou (Mauritanie) »


2008-2009         DU SIGmage                  University of Poitiers (Statistics, Geographic Information System, cartography)

2005-2007         Master’s Degree             Cultural Geography          -           University of Paris Sorbonne

2004-2005         Bachelor of Arts               Major in Geography – University of Paris Sorbonne

                         École du Louvre                1st year of General History of Arts (Major in Cultural anthropology)

2002-2004         HK et K  B/L                 Literary and humanities CPGE (specific French high level post-secondary education)

                                                          (Major in Geography and Social Sciences) - Lycée Fustel de Coulanges – Strasbourg

2002                 Baccalaureate                    Major in science (Equivalent to A-level with merit)   



Experiences, skills and knowledge


Research experience:

- Expertise in international migration (Migrinter research team 2007-2014), concepts and surveys

- Strong experience in qualitative methodologies, good knowledge of quantitative methods

- Sub-Editor (E-migrinter review):  articles selection, text editing, publications planning (2009-2011)


Teaching experience:

  - Master’s Degree course: « Development and territories in Geography », University of Panthéon Sorbonne (winter 2010)

- Master’s Degree course: « UE migration policies and their consequences in Africa: reflections from qualitative surveys in Mauritania », University François Rabelais of Tours (fall 2010)

- Training session on surveys and statistical methods for Mauritanian NGOs workers in Nouadhibou (2011)



- Financial board member of Migrinter Research team (2012-2013)

- Editorial board member of E-migrinter



  Organisation skills:

            - Organisation of several research meetings, from local meetings to international events (2008-2012)

            - Sub-Editor (E-migrinter review): planning meetings, strategic meetings, website reorganization.

  Management skills:

            - Training « Managing crisis situation », Special training for PhD applicants (2011)

            - Training:  «The Hermann Pattern, an asset to manage human synergies » (2008)

  Communication skills:

            - Several publications in scientific review and book sections

            - Many oral communications at national and international scientific research meetings

  Adaptability, autonomy, interpersonal skills:

            - 2 years of individual field researches on migration in Mauritania: set up of surveys, interviews with 

refugees, negotiations with authorities, reporting.



- Languages: French native; Fluent English; Intermediate German (refreshing lessons ongoing)

- Proficient in Microsoft Office, Internet; Familiar with Illustrator, SPSS, EndNote.

- Interests: Outdoor sports (MTB leisure and races; winter sports), culture, sewing.





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